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Spiced Red Sangria Recipe |Butter Nutrition

Spiced Red Sangria Recipe

Have I ever mentioned how much I love fresh juice, especially in my red sangria? And with this simple Spiced Red Sangria recipe, I can't think of a better way to enjoy fresh juice on a beautiful summer night! But back to juice... here's just a few reason fresh juices really are amazing: Fresh juices are very pro-metabolic and nourish the … [Read More...]

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The REAL cause of Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms- it's NOT what you think! | Butter Nutrition

The REAL CAUSE of Adrenal Fatigue–it’s not what you think…

Is adrenal fatigue REAL? Almost every client I work with has some form of adrenal fatigue or stress show up on their intake forms, but … [Read More...]

My Anti Aging Secret | Butter Nutrition

My Weekly Anti Aging Secret (and How to Adopt it into your Routine!)…

I've got a weekly habit with huge anti-aging perks that you can read more about here, here & here. It's great for digestion, … [Read More...]

Chocolate Lava Cake (gluten free) | Butter Nutrition

Chocolate Lava Cake (gluten free)…

Sometimes you just need a quick chocolate dessert [like this chocolate lava cake] that is as easy as it is delicious! Oh yeah, did I mention it's rich … [Read More...]

How to lose belly fat | Butter Nutrition

How to Lose Belly Fat (and save your sanity)…

If you've ever wondered how to lose belly fat, I can assure you you're in exactly the right place. Chances are you're reading this after tireless … [Read More...]

August 2014: iPad Air Giveaway

August 2014 Giveaway: Apple iPad Air…

Presenting a VERY special giveaway this month--- an Apple iPad Air! Please check out all my friends who are responsible for hosting this giveaway with … [Read More...]

How to make a Terrarium- The perfect DIY gift!

How to make a Terrarium- The perfect DIY gift!…

Maybe you pay close attention to your diet, watch out for food additives, and support your detoxification with a whole food diet, but what about … [Read More...]